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Garage Door Services in Wellington

Kodiak Loading Dock Systems in Arthur is the garage door company that people count on for quick, affordable repairs to their residential, agricultural, and commercial garage doors.

Garage Door Repairs & New Installations

Garage door services in Wellington

Residential Garage Door Repairs & Installations

Like everything, garage doors eventually wear out, get damaged, or improvements come along and we all need to upgrade what we have.

When it comes to residential garage door repairs, Kodiak Loading Dock Systems can do it all. From replacing your existing door to installing an automatic garage door opener for the first time, we are the professionals you can count on. In addition to having the expertise to replace damaged garage door panels, we can also repair and/or replace garage door parts such as:

  • Power Supply (wiring)
  • Belt Drives
  • Side Locks
  • Insulation
  • Bearings
  • Springs
  • Motors
  • Tracks

Agricultural & Commercial Garage Door Repairs

It’s funny how something as “simple” as a garage door can put a hamper on your entire business when it stops working. Like most people, you likely take it for granted until… And when that “until” happens, your best course of action is to call Kodiak Loading Dock Systems.

Our team of garage door repairs specialists can quickly diagnose what is ailing your garage door and recommend the best course of action for getting you open for business again. Whether it is a burnt-out motor, a loose wiring connection or a defective sensor, we can quickly diagnose and repair whatever has gone wrong with your agricultural or commercial garage door.

Agricultural and Commercial Garage door services in Wellington
Small local business in Wellington area

A Small Local Business with Matching Rates

Being a small, local business with a small overhead (pun intended), Kodiak Loading Dock Systems is able to offer quicker and more affordable garage door service than some other companies. At the same time though, being small and local doesn’t mean that we are any less professional or qualified. What it means is that we have made a conscious decision to be a part of Wellington and work with our business partners to make a better life for us all. What’s more, without huge CEO salaries, advertising, and other corporate expenses, we can keep our rates down where you can afford them.

Get An Estimate Today for Your Garage Door

Kodiak Loading Dock Systems in Arthur is ready to take care of your garage door repairs when you need them. We are also always happy to install new garage doors at a price and time that suits you. Contact us for a quote, more information, or to get our crew on-site repairing your garage door.